Forced live organ extraction from prisoners of conscience in China

EDM #2138, Tabled 04 March 2019 (2017-19 Session)


That this House notes with concern, allegations of forced organ harvesting in China and associated reports of suppression, persecution, torture and mass arbitrary imprisonment faced by religious and ethnic minority groups including Tibetans, Christians, Uyghers, and practitioners of the traditional Chinese meditation Falun Gong, that includes allegations of forced live organ extraction; acknowledges the interim judgement of the ongoing China Tribunal, chaired by Sir Geoffrey Nice QC, that such reports are beyond reasonable doubt, that in China forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience has been practised for a substantial period of time involving a very substantial number of victims; notes that ltaly, Spain, Israel and Taiwan have introduced legislation banning their citizens from participating in organ tourism, and the Canadian Senate and Parliament have also approved similar legislation; urges the UK Government to prohibit UK citizens from travelling to China for the purpose of receiving organ transplants; and calls on the UK Government to give urgent consideration to other measures it could take to hold China to account for this alleged practice and to condemn it in the highest possible terms.

Fibromyalgia and us

EDM #2135, Tabled 04 March 2019 (2017-19 Session)


That this house welcomes the creation of Fibromyalgia and Us, a comic published in Dundee designed to spread awareness of the symptoms, the difficulties and what works through the lived experiences of those living with Fibromyalgia, and their families; recognises the success of the comic since its launch in December 2017, having been downloaded nearly 11,000 times in over 75 countries; welcomes the support offered by NHS Tayside in ensuring all GP Surgeries in the region received paper copies; and wishes them the best of luck with their fundraising efforts so they can publish translated versions of the comic.

Epilepsy and Personal Independence Payment

EDM #2124, Tabled 27 February 2019 (2017-19 Session)


That this House expresses serious concern at the high number of people with epilepsy being denied Personal Independence Payment (PIP); is alarmed that since the introduction of this benefit the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has denied PIP to over 41 per cent of people living with epilepsy who previously received Disability Living Allowance (DLA); expresses concern that this is over double the national average for all health conditions and is the second highest reassessment rejection rate out of all health conditions; is further alarmed that previous figures show that of the 33 per cent that appealed a PIP decision, 77 per cent won on appeal and received the benefit; believes this demonstrates that epilepsy is currently not assessed correctly by the DWP; notes that this must change to ensure that the benefits system is fair for all; understands that epilepsy is a condition that affects 55,000 people in Scotland which causes debilitating seizures and can also seriously affect a person’s mental health, energy levels and cognitive function; further notes with concern that despite legislation in place, the wider impacts of epilepsy and associated risks are often ignored in the current assessment process; recognises that Epilepsy Scotland is working with the Scottish Government to rectify this issue under the new devolved system and create awareness that Epilepsy is more than Seizures; and calls on the UK Government to take similar action and make the system fairer for people with epilepsy.

Mandating Drug and Alcohol treatment provision

EDM #2121, Tabled 27 February 2019 (2017-19 Session)


That this House agrees with the BMA, Faculty of Public Health, Health Foundation, Health & SocialCare Select Committee, King’s Fund, LGA, Royal Society for Public Health and many others that have warned that public health cuts are a false economy, heaping added pressure upon an overstretched NHS and jeopardising future health outcomes; recognises that analysis shows that for every £1 invested in public health, £14 is returned to the health and social care economy; acknowledges that drug and alcohol treatment services are acutely affected by continued austerity at a time of record drug and alcohol deaths; believes these to be essential services which warrant mandatory provision status; notes that this would not require primary legislation to introduce; further notes that this has already been achieved to safeguard sexual health service provision; and calls upon the Government to consider a similar regulation to add a duty to deliver drug and alcohol treatment services.

Use of Animals for warfare experiments

EDM #2113, Tabled 26 February 2019 (2017-19 Session)


That this House notes with concern that, each year, thousands of animals of various species including monkeys, mice, pigs and guinea pigs, are experimented upon using chemical, biological and other weapons, causing prolonged and extensive suffering; notes that, whilst these experiments are not conducted to develop or test offensive weapons, that the animal’s suffering can continue for hours until the animal dies, or is killed, and that an example of the symptoms from exposure to such weapons has included writhing, substantial incapacitation, no meaningful voluntary movement, gasping, continuous tremor, production of tears and visible production of saliva; further notes that the suffering so endured is in addition to the standard deprivations of life in a laboratory, restriction on movement, inability to choose cage-mates, inescapable stressors, such as human presence, light and sound; further notes that, in 2017 alone, at Porton Down, 3,865 animals were experimented upon for purposes including medical countermeasures to biological and chemical agents, the detection and identification of biological agents; and calls on the Government to introduce a ban on the use of living animals for warfare experiments.

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