Marie Rimmer signs letter to the health secretary

Marie Rimmer CBE MP was able to meet with several constituents on Wednesday 2oth March in Parliament. Learning and supporting their campaign to be paid the Minimum wage while they are on overnight shifts. These Carers are effectively paid less than the Minimum Wage while on sleep-in shifts, this is no way to treat a workforce that is so often undervalued and underpayed, despite delivering vital services to the elderly and those living with disabilities.

Following this Marie joined with other MP’s in the North West in signing a letter to Matt Hancock MP (Secretary for Health and Social Care) and Greg Clark MP (Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy), raising this issue.

I was pleased to join some of my Colleagues in signing a letter to Matt Hancock MP, about the situation faced by Care and Support Staff (including my constituents whom I met on the 20/03/19), where they are payed below the minimum wage while on overnight shifts, this must change.— Marie Rimmer CBE, MP (@MarieRimmer) April 5, 2019

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