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As your member of parliament, I can:

  • Represent your views in parliament.
  • Help with inquiries related to government services and programs.
  • Advocate for policies and legislation on your behalf.
  • Raise awareness on issues affecting our constituency.

Unfortunately however, I cannot directly assist you in many local matters, below you can find several Knowsley based organisations and what they can help you with.


Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council:

The council can help with issues regarding; council tax, social care, bins, education, planning and more. You can find support with the aforementioned issues here. You can also discover who your local representative to contact is here.


Knowsley Citizens Advice Bureau:

The Knowsley CAB provides free, confidential and impartial advice and support to individuals and families in the local area on a wide range of issues, including debt, benefits, employment, housing, and legal matters. One-to-one sessions, telephone advice, and online support are avialable options. Additionally, the CAB can work with local organizations and government agencies to advocate policy changes on behalf of the community. You can find them here.


Knowsley Community and Voluntary Services:

The KCVS is an independent infrastructure body that works with and for the Social Sector in the Borough of Knowsley in order to grow the local Social Economy and provide bold and courageous leadership, enabling the Sector to be a strong and equal partner, shaping Knowsley the Place with People at its heart. They can be found here.



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