Marie sets up town centre stall to hear anti-social behaviour concerns

In August, Marie spent the day listening to local concerns of anti-social behaviour.

At a stall in the town centre, Marie spoke with many residents about the rise in crime in the town.

Marie pledged to crack down on anti-social behaviour, work to end knife crime and stop violence against women.

Marie said: “The number of police was cut to the lowest level in a generation. This has had consequences. Consequences that local residents have had to deal with. Violent attacks, knife crime and sexual assaults are happening on an ever more regular basis. It is appalling and the people I represent deserve better. The country deserves better.”

Latest research shows that police in England and Wales are still faced with a £1.6bn shortfall in funding under the Conservatives, and that thousands of officers have been lost from the frontline between 2010 and 2020.

Marie continues: “There has been a rapid increase of violent crime associated with the drugs trade. These so-called county line gangs that are portrayed in the popular TV show Line of Duty are ever more common. Criminal thugs are taking advantage of vulnerable young people to do their dirty work for them. The government knows about this and is not doing enough. It needs to be a national priority with a national strategy.”

Latest figures show that this year alone police recorded over 2 million incidents of antisocial behaviour – the highest in seven years. Even then this is still a fraction of the estimated 13.6 million adults who have witnessed or experienced antisocial behaviour during that same time. This includes incidents of people using and dealing drugs, fly-tipping, vandalism and threatening behaviour.

As part of a national campaign, Labour is promising to make our streets safer.

Labour would redirect over £280 million of taxpayers money that is supposed to go on the Prime Minister’s new yacht and spend it in areas like Merseyside to tackle anti-social behaviour. The additional funding could be used to hire more police officers.

Labour would work to end violence against women and girls. They would introduce increase sentences for rape, stalking, and domestic abuse. Labour would also introduce better support for victims of rape and sexual violence.

Labour would ensure that money is spent on youth clubs and treatment facilities to stop our young people making poor choices.

Before becoming leader of the Labour Party, Keir Starmer was the most senior prosecutor in the country. It was his job to get criminals off the streets and give victims the justice they deserve.

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