Shakespeare North Grand Opening

Marie was delighted to attend the Grand Opening of Shakespeare North Playhouse in her constituency in Prescot.

And after more than ten years of planning, the Grand Opening eventually occurred on Friday 15th July. People from across the area were invited to enjoy a weekend of fun, celebrations, performances, and joy.

The ground-breaking new venue, Shakespeare North Playhouse in Prescot is home to the only 17th-century style, timber-built “Cockpit” theatre outside London, able to seat 450 spectators. Built entirely during the pandemic with public funds and donations, the new venue is anticipated to attract over 140,000 visitors a year.

After the opening, Marie said: “It was an absolute honour and a privilege to be here for the opening. The local community has been working on making this happen for years. I am so glad the day they have waited for is finally here.

“The theatre will make a huge difference to the local community and economy in Prescot. The high street is already booming with visitors. I look forward to enjoying the theatre many times and I am sure local residents will as well.”

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