London, 27th January 2021

The Government has been told to put the words “never again” into practice when it comes to genocide in China.

The remarks were made by veteran human rights campaigner, the MP for St Helens South & Whiston, Marie Rimmer.

The speech was part of the debate on the Medicines and Medical Devices Bill, with Ms Rimmer joining forces with the House of Lords to pressure the Government into accepting a negotiated amendment.

The amendment gives ministers the power to protect UK medical institutions and practitioners from becoming unwittingly complicit in China’s state-sanctioned forced organ harvesting.

Welcoming the amendment on organ harvesting as a good start, Ms Rimmer stressed “there is much more to do.”

The amendment does not deal with the issue of organ transplant tourism, nor the issue of plastinated, unclaimed bodies being imported and commercially displayed, which occurred in Birmingham in 2018.

In forceful remarks delivered virtually in the House of Commons, Ms Rimmer stated that, “our nation and the people who live here must not be complicit in the brutal acts of the Chinese communist regime.”

The amendment was developed following the China Tribunal’s report that described China using ethnic and political prisons as an ‘organ bank’.

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